Welcome To Our Neighborhood

The Southwood Clubhouse was built by the developer in the early 1970’s and given to the association to use as a central meeting place or to rent out the upper floor for most small gatherings under 100 people. The event must be approved before the rental will be allowed. The rental rates differ according to your Southwood Neighborhood Association status. There is also a cleaning and security deposit which you get back if the cleaning list is completed and there isn’t any damage to the building or grounds.

The Clubhouse is equipped with a fireplace, a serving island, and kitchen appliances (stove, refrigerator and dish washer). The Clubhouse features a large event space along with a carpeted card room. We provide fold out tables, folding chairs and all the cleaning supplies to help you complete the cleaning list.

Call the Reservation Secretary at 402-423-1025  for further information or to see if your desired rental day is available. The calendar is updated several times a month, so contact us to verify your date is still open.



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